Požega Slavonija County

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Požega - Slavonia is a county that is rich in history and culture and is famous for the production of wine. This county is known as the Golden Valley, given that name by the Roman’s (Vallis Aurea), and lies on fertile plains where food and wine have been produced for thousands of years. This small county also boasts mountains and hills which are a considerably different landscape from the rest of Slavonia making it unique in the region - and ideal for bikers. Cycle tourism in the county is on the rise due to the contrasting landscapes and variety of routes on offer for cyclists of all levels of experience.

The city of Požega is located in the heart of the golden valley and is surrounded by hills and mountains with numerous cycling routes intersecting the city and surrounding areas. These bike trails give cyclists the opportunity to see and experience, trails through forests, fields, vineyards, plains, quaint villages, and castles. 

For less experienced cyclists, the 3-hour round trip from Požega which heads west passing through local villages and the fields of the golden valley is ideal. For those up for a leg pumping challenge take the round trip from Velika to Jankovac on a very demanding macadam track which takes about two hours.

Papuk Mountain was declared a Nature Park in 1999 and this mountain has three tremendous cycle paths, with each of them being approximately 20km long. Two of the routes will take riders by some of the major highlights of the park including Rupnica, Jankovac Forest Park, Sekulinačke Mountains, two oak natural monuments, the yew habitat, and the floristic reserve Plush-Mališčak-Turjak-Lapjak. The third route in the park is the Graševina trail which takes bikers on a circular trip through the famous Kutjevo wine region visiting the Kutjevo Castle, passing through vineyards then up to Vinkomir where cyclists can get panoramic views out over Požega Valley.

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