Sisak Moslavina County

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Sisak-Moslavina County lies in East Central Croatia and the Southwest of Slavonia. Sisak was once a grand Roman city and was also a key stronghold during the Ottoman invasion. The county reaches as far as the Bosnia and Herzegovina border and sits along the Kupa, Sava, and Odra Rivers.

Cyclists are treated to an array of bike routes in Sisak-Moslavina County including those who want an epic distance challenge through nature on the 228 km SMC01 route which takes you on a tour of the entire county. Starting in Sisak, you head for Popovača through a forest and finish the ride at a winery - home to the indigenous Škrlet wine.

After your refreshing drink, it’s time to head to Kutina the capital of Moslavina where more great wine awaits. Keep pedalling through to the fertile lands of Novska, & Jasenovac. In Jasenovac stop and pay your respects at the Jasenovac Memorial Site before cycling around the rest of the town. Keep pedalling along to the sounds of the Una River, which flows into the Sava until you reach Hrvatska Dubica, a fortified town once home to the Romans.

If you time your trip for October, you can couple your cycling with the annual Chestnut Festival in Hrvatska Kostajnica. You’ll need to then ready yourself for the longest and most challenging part of the route - the climb over Zrinska Gora Mountain, through to Petrinja where you can collect a locally made piece of pottery: stucka. Then it's onto the last stretch of the 228 km route, back to Sisak.
There are much shorter routes of course, like the wine roads of Quince at just 10.5 km. That route takes you through the Moslavačke Wine Roads as well as a stop at the Baroque Church of St. Marije Snježne and along rows of traditional wooden houses.

Another biking adventure just shy of 30 km is the Blue Route which passes through, Čazma, Suhaja, Pobjenik, Pavličani, Vrtlinska, Andigola, Pleterac, Lower Miklouš, Grabovica. Along the way, you’ll see ponds, caves, churches, and various historical and cultural sites.

The area is famous for the thermal spas in the small town of Topusko. The baths are said to date back to the Neolithic Age and the town has several biking routes which will take you directly to them.

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