Replica of Old Bicycle as Tourist Attraction for Cyclotourism in Novska

By , 04 Sep 2017, 17:41 PM News
Replica of Old Bicycle as Tourist Attraction for Cyclotourism in Novska TZ Novska

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A unique new cyclotourist offer for Sisak-Moslavina County. 

A roundabout at the intersection of the state and county roads in Brestača will soon display a five-foot large bicycle, reports on September 4, 2017.

In addition to the bicycle which will stand at the entrance to Novska, there will also be four replicas of antique bicycles made entirely of metal tubes by the company "Metaflex” which specializes in metal pipe bends.

The bicycles will be set up in five locations in Sisak-Moslavina County as part of the tourist offer from the cyclotourism development program.

Around half a million kuna was invested in cyclotourism development for this county. For the "Si-Mo-Re" Development Agency, which includes the "operational program for the development of cyclotourism, route marking, bicycle signaling and signposting, solar bike poles, bicycle map making, and mobile application development", the Croatian Ministry of Tourism has secured 350,000 HRK.

The user of the “Operational Plan for the Development of Cyclotourism in Sisak-Moslavina County 2017-2020" is also the City of Novska, and the usage contract was signed by Deputy Mayor Marija Kušmiš.

“The city of Novska, apart from the bicycle, which will certainly become an attraction at the busy location, will also get a bicycle route. It will pass by the forest road next to the motorway, next to the future "Jug" Restaurant under Stari Grabovac, towards Rajić, Rajčići, near the fruit plantation, up to the Bijela Stijena, and then depending on the preference of the cyclists, either to Okučan and Novska or over to Lipik to Novska,” said Mario Čelan, Director of "Si-Mo-Re".

The "Metaflex" company has survived in Croatia for years but also competes in the European market. Soon, they will mark their 65th anniversary, making their participation in this tourist project an exciting new perk of their offer.

The director of the company, Nada Kolundžija said: 

“We are pleased that everything has come to an end and that this is a project that was fun for all employees."

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