Bahrain Merida takes a ride on the Hvar Side - Vincenzo NIbali and friends on the Sunny Island

By , 14 Dec 2017, 07:17 AM News
Press Conference Press Conference Marko Rajkovic

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Rainy Hvar sees Vincenzo Nibali announces he is riding the Tour de France this year.

The talk of the cycling peloton is how UCI trying to decide whether or not Nibali will postdatedly win another Vuelta A España after the announcement of Chris Froome having been notified of an adverse analytical finding for the asthma drug Salbutamol for a test taken during the Vuelta. Meanwhile the talk of the island of Hvar is that Nibali and his Bahrain Merida squad are roaming the island roads preparing for next year’s season.

The fact that the sunny island hasn’t lived up to its reputation, as it’s been raining buckets for the last week, hasn’t dampened the spirits of the lycra clad boys conjuring plans on how to conquer the cycling world and testing equipment ahead of another World Tour season.
The big news from today’s press conference is that Vincenzo Nibali is going to make the main sponsor, Bahrain, happy by forgoing his beloved Giro D’Italia in order to focus on trying to win another Tour de France.

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