Extreme Cycling: Biking Down from Croatia's Highest Peak at Sinjal

By , 04 Oct 2016, 16:09 PM Tourism

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The more I travel around Croatia, the more I realise that cycling is an essential lifeblood of every region, and its passionate cyclists are prepared to go to extra lengths for that ultimate thrill. 

With such a spectacular coast and islands, coupled with a diverse and challenging interior, Croatia truly is a biking heaven, with a terrain almost custom-built for everyone. But now matter how many challenges there are out there, someone will always try to go one better.

A wonderful blog this week from our friends at Secret Dalmatia is a case in point. A group of friends finally got round to organising a quite adventurous hike, scaling the peak of Croatia's highest mountain, Sinjal which stands proud over the rest of the country at 1831m of 6004 foot. 

As you can read in the blog, with some excellent accompanying photos, the way was tough and physically very demanding, and they almost did not make it. There were not many people encountered on the way, but just when they thought there could not be a harder way to get there, the group encountered a few people a little crazier than they were, including this genteleman in the photo above, who were not only hiking to the peak of Croatia, but doing so with their bikes on their backs. The intention? To ride from the peak at Sinjal down to the base at Glavaš below. 

Have any of you done this? If yes, send us an account with photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with some photos, and we will be happy to publish your story, with accreditation of course. English versions preferred, but send in Croatian if it is easier.

If not, what is the craziest and most challenging ride off the beaten path you have attempted in Croatia?

To read the Secret Dalmatia blog on the ascent to Sinjal, click here

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