MTB Climb to the Stars of Mosor for a Special Humanitarian Race!

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MTB Climb to the Stars of Mosor for a Special Humanitarian Race! XCZLD

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On Friday, August 18th, join BK Timun and bike to the stars of Mosor! All proceeds will help fund DVD Žrnovnica with new firefighting equipment.

On August 18th, participants will gather in the center of Žrnovnica at 17:00 for all categories.

Here's a look at the route:

The joint start is at 17:00 from the center of Žrnovnica. From here, the road will go towards the Korešnica on a macadam road. The approach to the macadam will take place at a limited speed under police escorts. It is strictly forbidden to overtake the escorts to lead the race under the rotation of the race judge. If this occurs, the participant will see automatic disqualification from the race! 

At about 8km, there is a feed zone. The gateway is set at 11km and closes at 19:00. The 11km ascent on the asphalt road in Sitno Gornje is secured, but the road to Star Village is not completely closed for traffic. Participants are therefore warned to navigate to the right traffic lanes and observe traffic conditions. All turns are clearly marked with arrows, and in crossings and dangerous areas, participants will be alerted or traffic will be stopped or slowed. A cycling team, technical and medical assistance will be provided. 

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After the race, participants will return to Žrnovnica using the road Sitno Gornje - Žrnovnica. 

Type of recreational racing: MTB Climb


- 20, (until 1998),

20-30 (from 1988 to 1997),

30-40 (from 1978 to 1987),

40-50 (from 1968 to 1977),

50+ (from 1967),

Women (all years).

Race goal: Observatory Star Village, Mosor

Gateway: 11 km (time limit): 19:00h

Race limit: (time limit): 20:00h

Race length: 15700 m

Altitude difference: 657 m

Path: 75% wide macadam path, 25% asphalt

Starter package cost: 100 HRK

Registration is paid to IBAN club account: HR3323300031153104457 at Splitska banka

The starter package includes:

- Race


- Snack after finish (soparnik)

- Hot meal for participants 

- Live results

The nearest hospital: KBC Split, Šoltanska 1 21000 Split tel: 021 557 111

Required equipment: bicycle helmet

MTB bike tire width: min 1.7 inches

Hot meal distribution: 19:00

Medal awards: 20:30 

Parking: Opposite cemetery in Žrnovnica

Each registration cost will go towards the purchase of equipment for DVD Žrnovnica.

More information can be found here

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